Postgraduate Courses

If you are interested in master-level training in public health, offered for international students in English, please click here.

Continuing education training programmes for postgraduate diploma offered by the Faculty:

The above trainings are two-year, part time trainings, available in Hungarian, for public health professionals with university degree, who work or wish to work in any of the following institutes:

  • departments, institutes and offices of national public health services,
  • health care policy institutes (Ministry of Health and other ministries; regional health care councils),
  • health care and social departments of local governments,
  • central and regional offices of the funds and organisations financing health care,
  • environmental protection institutions,
  • organisations of industrial and agricultural sectors,
  • occupational health institutions,
  • major health care institutions,
  • departments of public health of universities, colleges, and other institutes,
  • civil organisations interested in public health-related issues.

Updated: 2018.01.05.