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Head: Klára Bíró, associate professor


The Senate of the University of Debrecen on October 6, 2011 established the Department of Health Systems Management at the Faculty of Public Health, which began its operations on January 1, 2012.

The aim of the Department is not only to provide knowledge about the organization and management of healthcare, but also to ensure the supply of specialists in the field. Our goal is to train purposeful leaders and visionary professionals who contribute to the development of healthcare, and thus society, who see new opportunities in our globalizing world. The members of the Department are committed to exploring the trends and efforts of the changing global markets in order to understand the processes that can contribute to the creation of lasting values for the society and communicating this systematic approach to their students. The training programs offered at the Department are designed to enable professionals who participate in our training to effectively meet the requirements of the public service, business, government, and nonprofit sectors alike.

The Department offers its expertise in the field of healthcare management, law and economics to the planning, implementation and monitoring of professionally relevant projects, as well as in the preparation and management of projects in the field of health / public health.

In addition to the subjects of the Master's program in Healthcare Management, the staff of the Department is responsible for the BSc and MSc courses of the Faculty of Public Health in several fields of healthcare/economic management, public administration and law, as well as courses like Household Economics, Public health in Developing Countries, Health Systems Management and Operation, Food Regulation, and different courses in the field of ethics. The Challenges in Healthcare PhD course is held annually by the department. The Department is regularly contributing to a special course for doctors on Health Management, which is a multi-week course held each year during the spring period.

The research aim of the department is to analyze the healthcare and public health services and to explore the conditions of their operation, to identify the problems and to offer professionally relevant solutions. Key research areas include: issues of economics in healthcare; healthy aging; operational features of healthcare organizations, including the pharmaceutical industry; drug use research; business and organizational forms in healthcare; organizational and legal issues of healing and nursing; applicable management methods and systems; characteristics of motivation; management and organizational tasks; communication and conflict management. Our partners include not only world-class research institutes, but also businesses in the Netherlands, Italy, England and the United States.

Updated: 2022.04.06.

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